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Awesome Things you Can Do in Florida

Are you bored and not sure of what to do in Florida? Well, here are some of the places you can go, or things that could make your vacation and weekend both awesome and affordable. Apparently, there’s no shortage of fun in this Golden state.

Salvador Dali Museum

One of the best museum that houses most of Dali’s work outside of Europe. Definitely a great place to hang out at if you’ve got a couple of hours to pass.

San Sebastian Winery

Want a free tour seven days a week? Well, the San Sebastian winery offers free tours seven days a week. You will also find the most delicious food and music there.

Solomon’s Castle

Built by one man with a lot of creativity and passion, it is one of the interesting and cheapest places to be or to take your family

The Country’s Best Beaches

All the best beaches lie in this wonderful place, Siesta beach is one of the fantastic beaches to visit especially on a hot day Due to increasing bacteria during this season it is advisable not to visit any of the beaches if you have any open wound.

Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

This is the cheapest place you can be with your family. The most beautiful and ever captivating gardens lie here on the St. John’s River, also the ever changing exhibits are found here.

The Ringing

Ever heard of the famous circus magnate in in Sarasota? Well, all his stunning arts and beautiful gardens are found here. If you have no cash you can visit on Monday for free

St. Augustine Distillery

If you are ever curious about how spirits are made St. Augustine is the place to visit. The tour to this distillery is always the most memorable moment ever

Castillo de San Marcos

Being one of the oldest picturesque forts in the country, it offers every piece of history that excites you.

Koreshan State Historic Site

Founded on the belief that humanity lives on the inside of Earth’s shell, it is one of the religious and most amazing community in Estero that you should visit.

Orlando Brewing

It is one of the most top rated breweries that is ever fun to visit for free. On 30thjn of every month, they offer beer events and no tours on that day

Florida Caverns

Open-air caves and amazing campground are among the irresistible fun found in these caverns.