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5 Fine Dining Tips for Everyone

Ever been to a posh hotel for your first time only to get stranded on how to use the many knives, folks, and the napkins? Well, I have been in that situation too and trust me it is the most embarrassing moment you can ever imagine. Based on my own experiences, here are some rock-solid tips that’ll make your dining outing smooth and enjoyable.

Soup and Pudding

The soup spoons are in two shapes; one is round shaped and the other one is egg shaped. Having troubles with eating your soup? Well, it is very simple. Pull your spoon away from you and start eating from the center of the bowl to the farthest edge. Do not slurp or put the 2 whole spoon into the mouth.

When eating pudding both a spoon and fork are provided, they are held in the same with the bowl of the spoon facing inwards and should be held on the right-hand side. The fork is used as a pusher only, push a small portion to your spoon and tilt the bowl slightly to turn upwards as you lift the food into your mouth.

The same rule of placing your cutlery back on the plate apply, pudding fork and spoon are often placed above the plate.


Most of us use the napkins to wipe their mouth but that is absolutely wrong as it should be used to dab the mouth only. It should be placed on your knees unfolded unlike before when it used to be tucked into the front of the shirt or dress, in the case of an emergency you should place the napkin on your seat to show the host that you have the intentions of coming back.

Place the napkin neatly on the left side of the plate after you are finished eating

Glasses and Wine

On the upper side of your plate, you can have to four glasses arranged in a square or diagonal pattern. When toasting never raises the glass to yourself or touch glasses with other guests. Never gulp your wine instead sip quietly and occasionally.

Body and Sitting

How many have ever seated in the wrong place and told to move? Well, this is the worst thing that can happen to you coz all eyes will be on you while on the other hand you are dying with embarrassment. Make sure that your hosts sit fast or wait for your hosts to sit you. When seated at the table be calm and never bore people with your annoying behavior like shaking your legs, leaning over the plate when eating and crossing your legs.

Forks and Knives

For a table well set, the forks are usually on the left side while the spoons are on the right side, if you are unsure on what to do with them you can wait and follow your host or hostesses. Always put your cutlery down on the plate after every bite

When you are finished eating the fork and the knife should be placed together vertically in the center of the plate, blade of the knife3 should always point to the center while the tines of the fork should point up. If any cutlery falls on the floo5r, do not pick it as it shall be replaced by the server.

These very simple tips will save you from having a hell of a time when invited for dinner by your hosts, or when you are in a posh hotel!