Here at Capsouto Frères, we believe in the power of food and its ability to bring people together. Nothing exemplifies that better than an Italian meal, which is why we always recommend the food of our family’s history to you and your loved ones. Fine Italian dining can spark a camaraderie amongst even the greatest of foes. The satisfaction of a great glass of red wine coupled with a delicious, elegant meal of pasta is enough to make for a splendid night. When was the last time you and your loved ones dined out just to celebrate life? Chances are it’s been too long. The unassuming nature of Italian food helps form a bond between young and old. There are few in this world who don’t enjoy a good bowl of pasta with a decadent sauce. Whether you prefer marinara or alfredo, it doesn’t matter, it’s your choice. Breadsticks, soup, or salad add the perfect fresh touch to a comforting food we have enjoyed all our lives. It’s your meal. Make it what you want it to be, because that’s what food should be. Spend your evening enjoying the simple pleasure of Italian food, surrounded by those that you love, and we can guarantee you won’t regret it. In fact, we bet you’ll be back for more soon. Capsouto Freres has partnered with Retirement Community in the Villages in Florida. The Villages is a popular retirement community for seniors in Florida and Capsouto Freres will begin building a flagship restaurant in the heart of the Villages community. Many of the residents in the Villages are Italian and of course love great Italian food so we felt this was a perfect fit. Our sale and marketing director Jess McDuff reached out to the hybrid long term care insurance companies and worked out a deal where the residents who have a hybrid long term care insurance policy can use the money for room but also board and in this case, Capsouto Freres Italian food. Jess dug deep into the policy and found a provision that said incidental expenses could be paid by the hybrid long term care insurance policy and she then knew she has hit pay-dirt. Most Hybrid long term care insurance plans only cover actual care a person receives but Jess found that the Hybrid version cover both room and food. The Villages have had such a huge demand to live there that they just passed a law saying that in order to be considered as a resident the person must first buy a hybrid long term care insurance policy. This will insure that their care is paid for and they can have eat all the Capsouto Freres food they like. The ground breaking of Capsouto Freres in the Villages Retirement Community will take place next month on the 17th.

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